Friday, May 26, 2006

From sucking to winning .... in a matter of hours.

Isn't it amazing how you can go from bad to good (or vice versa)in the course of an evening? It happened to me tonight.

Maybe it was just from having a taxing day at work, but my performance in a Shark Poker Tour tournament at Absolute was dreadful. My play in a tournament at Titan was even worse. For some reason, I completely lost my mind and chased hands when I knew I was beaten. Why? I can't even explain. I was out of both tournaments so fast that I almost didn't realize it. I was stunned. What was I thinking?

However, a few hours later, I got back a little self-respect by winning a multi-table SNG at Absolute. The heads up portion was actually quite fun, as my opponent and I went back and forth many times without either of us having a monster hand. Finally, I had two pair after a flop and went all in. I was called, and completed my full house on the river to win. So, even though I was terrible in the earlier two buy-in tournaments, I finished ahead for the evening. After being the bubble boy in my previous two SNG's, the win was greatly appreciated.


Blogger MTC said...

Way to go Lightning. I always feel like the earth is back on its axis when I win. I am sure you will get plenty more.

4:55 PM  

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