Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How do you respond to those people who get really nasty at the online poker tables?

This question was recently asked in a popular chat forum. Various replies from "I say nothing" to "I laugh at them and egg them on" were offered. My history in this area was a little different ...

With thousands of people playing online poker, it is common to be at a table with people with varying degrees of poker savvy. The sharks sometimes get frustrated with bad beats and take it out on the fish. Often, the comments can be downright nasty. However, the comment that seems to cut like a knife is calling someone a donk or donkey.

Now, when I began playing online poker, I had a realistic notion of my level of expertise. I didn't need someone sticking my inexperience in my face. So ... how did I respond?

I am normally either quiet or friendly in chat while at the tables or in a tournament. However, on the few occasions when someone really ticked me off, I let loose with the most foul, nasty, profane tirades in my life. Name calling at its absolute worst. My theory: bury the idiots with their own nastiness, but ten times worse. My results: the idiots shut up.

I guess I am fortunate that no moderators were ever there to hear my tirades, and apparently I was never reported since I have never been sanctioned or had my chat privileges suspended or revoked. My behavior was certainly not befitting a mature adult, but you know what? It felt goooood.


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