Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just for a change of pace, I decided to play in some rebuy tournaments tonight. Now, I usually play only freezeout tourneys. Next time I am going to have to remember to shift my playing style a little bit more.

Tournament #1: I have doubled ny original stack when I get pocket Kings. Now, the blinds are only 10 and 20. I raise 360 - 18 times the Big Blind. Guess what? I get called by the Big Blind (guess he figured that he already had 20 in the pot, so what the heck, why not 340 more). He risks almost half his chips by calling that huge raise with A-4. A-4. And yep - they were soooooted.

Do I have to tell you one of the three cards to come on the flop?

I limp into the first break with under 1,000 chips and decide not to purchase the add on. After the break, I get my biggest boost of the tournament when I am in the Big Blind and flop the nut flush. I just wish that I had more chips for the double up I would get by slow playing.

As we get closer to the final twenty, I know that I am on the wrong side of the bubble. The poker gods suddenly send me nothing but average hands, and my bid to double up fails. I am out of the money. I could have possibly made it in by going untra-conservative, but I decided that I wanted the final table or bust. I got bust.

Tournament #2: I pick up some smallish pots and am doing okay. Then, I make a crucial mistake: I got greedy. I got A-Q suited and raised to 80 chips. I get called by the Big Blind. The flop has an Ace, and I unfortunately decide to slowplay and set a trap. Well, as so often happens in online poker, the card after my slowplay completed my opponent's gutshot straight draw, and he wiped me out. I could have kept him out of the hand by either betting bigger before the flop or making a post-flop bet so big that he would have folded.

Now I swear, if you slowplay a hand like this in online poker, you can almost guarantee that the exact WRONG card will show up next. I hope I learned my lesson this time.


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