Friday, June 30, 2006

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Grand Final Time!
The final chance event is still running as I type, congratulations to the 10 bloggers that earned themselves an entry to the Grand Final and shared the $500 prizemoney.


I'm just making sure that all of the Grand Finalists have their coupon now, and then it will be game on tomorrow to see which blogger will be representing at the World Series in Vegas later this month.The Blogger Poker Tour Grand Final has also been included in the Championship Schedule. So not only will the winner be crowned the BPT winner, but you will also be given a Champion's accolade. Every year the BPT season 1 Grand Final will be included in the championship schedule.Good Luck Everyone, may the best blogger win!

YES !!!

One of my goals the past few months was to make it to the Grand Final. I will be one of 44 bloggers to compete for a chance to play in the Big Show in Las Vegas. Heck - even a top ten finish would earn at least an iPod Nano.

I finished eighth in today's qualifying tournament. The top ten finishers were awarded a trip to the final.

Everything just seemed to go well today. I got decent cards at the right time and decided to up my level of agressiveness. Unfortunately, toward the end I was seated to the immediate right of the big chip leader. I had to tighten up big time since he was hitting every single hand and making steep raises.

I went out in eighth when I decided to go all in with pocket 7's. My stack was dwindling and I didn't want to go into total desperation mode. I got called by two bloggers who had overcards. One hit a King to send me out.

The past couple nights I have been playing two and three tournaments at the same time - on different sites. Quite a challenge. I was concentrating on the tourney and screwed up the OPT tourney at If only there was a way to Tivo tournaments.


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congrats! See you on the felt today at "the big game."


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