Saturday, June 03, 2006

I know this is difficult to read. It is the screenshot from my attempt to get to the Playboy Mansion to play poker. The tournament was sponsored by the Online Poker Tour and was on Dream Poker. There were 168 entrants, and only one would win the all expenses paid trip to California.

I must admit, I got a few breaks to get this far. Twice I had a set and went all in, only to find that I was up against a straight. Both times a card paired on the river, making my full house.

Hand that did me in: I was the small stack of the final four. When I was dealt a suited Big Slick, I went all in. I was called by the chip leader, who had A-7. As luck would have it, he hit a gutshot straight and sent me packing. He eventually won the trip.

I have two more chances. Tomorrow, if everyone who qualified registers, ten of us will be fighting for the trip on CD Poker. I may get a final shot in a week right before I leave for Las Vegas.


Blogger ChipnChair said...

Nice blog lighting ... I saw that loss at Dream ... you handled yourself well. Keep it up!

3:13 PM  

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