Sunday, July 09, 2006

At Least a Little Success

Saturday provided a few good moments - second place in a $5 buy-in event on Titan, and fourth place in an OPT $10 buy-in at

The OPT event was a blast. I played at a very tough table with many of the best OPT players and frequenters of the chat threads. I was not near the top of the pack for most of the tourney, so I felt like fourth place was not bad. It was the first July event on the Money Tour, so I start out in fourth place. I can live with that.

Didn't do as well in two other tourneys. Out of the money in both.

Lowlight of the day: Some donkey in the NL Championship Tourney followed a pair of threes to the river. Even knowing I had him beat, even knowing there were many overcards on the board, even knowing that there were flush possibilities on the board, even knowing that he risked almost all his chips ... and the damn three comes on the river.

Highlight of the day: Was playing $.50/$1 NL on Got pocket Kings and got a third King on the flop. Was up against A-A, and he couldn't let go. Eventually got him all in and turned over my Cowboys to show him the full house (there were two Jacks on the board).

Of course, this is a skill I still need improvement on - the tough laydown of a big hand.

Oh yeah - one other lowlight: I again have Cowboys and the flop is J-rag-rag. Some guy bets $8 with J-9 and I put him all in. Now he should be thinking that I have an overpair, hit a set, or at least paired the Jack and have a better kicker. But no, he calls. I have him dead to rights, but the damn turn is a nine, giving him a second pair. I hate it when you outsmart and outplay someone, and then the dude gets lucky. I hope he didn't pat himself on the back after that win.


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