Sunday, July 30, 2006

A couple of days for dumb blondes

Went to Chicago on Saturday to watch the Cubs smoke the Cardinals. Before the game, a pregame ritual took place: the stop at the 7/11 store just across from Wrigley Field.

My brother and I, along with about 50 other people, were loading up on cheap eats and drinks to take to the game. We get to the front of one of the cash register lines, and this somewhat attractive blonde is going through her purse, digging for money. Finally, to get us out of there, I handed the clerk a few bills and said "I've got it." The blonde turned to me and said "Thanks. I forgot to bring my wallet."

Of course, I am thinking "Who goes into a convenience store without a wallet?" Dumb blonde."

Today, however, I am thinking that maybe I shouldn't have made such a quick judgment.

In an OPT money tour game at Absolute, I am one of seven at the final table. I get pocket rockets and decide to slow play since it looked like it would be just the chip leader and me. Well, you can guess what happened: he got the perfect flop, hit two pair which he turned into a boat, and sent me to the rail.

$1000 freeroll at Cake Poker - I am in the blind and get two clubs, Q high. The flop APPEARS to be three clubs. I go all in ... and notice that one of the clubs IS A SPADE!! I am called by someone who hit a set on the flop. He made his full house, so I would have lost anyway.

Years ago, I had my hair bleached blonde. Today I'd have sworn that there are some old thoughts and behaviors from those blonde days that have stayed with me.


Blogger Poker Road Warrior said...

Hey Lighter!

Good photo with philly. Just found yer blog and to tired to read now (3am) but will take a gander tommorrow. Thanks for the link! Tell Doug "Conned" (my marketing guru) in our forum to link ya up in our blog.

See ya at Sun Poker this sunday!


5:19 AM  
Blogger MTC said...

Hey Light, when I was 33 years old I did a blonde thing for about 6 months, I missed my bleach blonde hair from my beach days. Guess what? I don't think I was any dumber then I usually am.
Hey seeing as you are a baseball fan, my brother who is a teacher (he is moving to Indiana tomorrow) took a summer about 10 years ago and hit almost every stadium in both leagues.He has been catching up on all the new ones and just a few weeks ago hit Cincinatti and also Pittsburgh for the All-Star game.I have only been to Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium. I guess I should get out more.

11:13 PM  

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