Thursday, July 13, 2006

In a Biiiiiig Slump

Well, it seems as though my playing skills have temporarily flown south. Ever since the Bloggers Championship, I have run into a streak of bad luck and bad playing.

After pwning the ring games at, I have been keeping even for the past week. Thanks goodness for Celeb Poker. Tried out the ring games there and have been doing very well.

My tournament play has been horrible. After two cashes last weekend, I have been seeing early exits to tournaments.

Early in a $4000 freeroll, I was dealt pocket Kings. There had already been a raise, so I reraised. The other guy then goes all in. I knew I had him beat, soI called. He had pocket 8's. Unfortunately, one of his 8's was a diamond. The flop comes diamond, diamond, diamond. The turn is a rag, and the river is a diamond. As you might guess, neither of my cowboys was a diamond, so I am gone.

This tournament was open to people who recently played a significant amount of hands at ring games. So someone who is on the tables a lot actually risks it all early on with pocket 8's expecting to win??

I hope he is at my table sometime in the future. Sounds like easy money. Just bad luck this time for me.

Don't even get me started on how I lost when someone flopped the nut straight ...


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