Wednesday, July 19, 2006

lightning36: The original River Rat

Seems like the river has been my friend recently. In two small SNGs with OPT members, I got good river cards to hit a full house (which beat a flush) and quads (which again beat a flush) against the same person. My OPT buddy murrythecat (mtc) called me a river rat, so I even changed my chat siggy to read lightning36: The original River Rat.

In an OPT freeroll last night at the Purple Lounge, I was getting frustrated continually by the player on my left. Seemed to me that he was making a practice of raising and stealing my blinds, so with 10-8 in the big blind and a flop of 10-rag-rag, I checked. When he bet, I went all in. He called with K-10! I was already getting out of my chair when the miracle river hit - an 8, one of my three outs. Better to be lucky than good!

Finished the freeroll in third place, which should move me past one person into fourth place in the OPT 2006 Season Free Tour. I am holding in seventh place in the Money Tour.


Blogger MTC said...

Actually Lightning plays a pretty good game (compared to me) despite getting rivered twice we did have alot of fun.

11:07 PM  

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