Monday, July 03, 2006

Post Mortem

I have been reviewing my play in the blogger tournament and even read a "review" of the final four play, courtesy of another blogger. That was the first time that I had ever been in a poker situation with so much riding on it.

Would I do anything differently now if I could? I would probably challenge more aggressively for some of the blinds toward the end. The blinds have a way of creeping up on you at the end of a tourney. Looking back, I probably should have taken a few more chances at the end.

Of course - I did that exact thing last night in the 20K freeroll. I was in 41st place and someone pushes out a big bet. I was putting him on a small-medium pair. I had the Big Slick and knew I could go for the coin flip if I wanted. Decided to make a run for the big money and went all in. Turns out that the guy had 7-7. Unfortunately, no Ace ... no King ... no run for the big money.

I guess that is why we love this game ...

Well, at least my blogger performance won me an iPod Nano and some gear - which might include a polo shirt, flip flops, and maybe other stuff. I won't mind advertising for my favorite online poker room the next time I am in Las Vegas ... only two short months away!


Blogger MVilla888 said...

Thank you for the comments, you played a great game as well...everyone at the final table played well and the tourney was a tough one. Looking forward to seeing you at the final tables during season two.

8:48 PM  
Blogger EgonOlsen said...

You played very well mate and as you saw, in the end it was about luck for me. I made some very good calls, but when I made bad calls I got lucky.
Seen quite a few, not mentioning names, say I am a pure lotto player and very bad one at that. Well I did get suckout lucky on 2 hands I think, Quoting the hands wrong so I look even worse and poker.coms history down so I cant prove them wrong ;)But I like to believe getting on FT also was because of good play, no matter what anyone else say. I had my share of very bad beats during the tourney too, I just had enough chips to be able to survive it.
Allways believe in your own play and let people talk. you played very well, most on FT did.

7:49 PM  

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