Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Reunited Again??

In 2005, I spent a significant amount of my online playing time at Poker Host. Then, right before I got ready to cash in before Christmas, I hit this horrendous losing streak and run of bad cards. If I got pocket Jacks, I got beat by Ace-rag getting an Ace on the flop. If I had Pocket Rockets, someone hit trips.

I saw my hard-earned bankroll dwindle down to nothing. Dejected, I stopped playing at Poker Host and left all my buds behind. Fortunately, I did find the Online Poker Tour, which has now become one of my home bases.

I tried several other rooms, and found Poker.com to my liking. Lots of good tournaments. After a recent trip to Las Vegas in which I killed at $1/2 NL, I decided to hit the ring tables at Poker.com. Had a great week, then went up and down, and lately have been faltering.

So ... since I had won some money in an OPT tournament at Poker Host, I decided to give it another try. I have been doing well at the low NL tables, and actually took a third place in a regular tourney there - something I had not done for eight months.

Will the reunion continue? Or, perhaps will this be like a divorced couple finding the passion of the past, but then having to face the reality of the present? Oh, the melodrama!


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