Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Talk About a Bad Day ...

How's this for a list of nasty stuff for today:

1) Found out that yes, I do indeed have a cracked rib.

2) Need appt to address another medical concern? Yes - we have one available on the 25th!!

3) Wife is on jury duty and daughter needs to be picked up at a hotel.

4) Garage door has major problem. Will not open. Needs to be replaced. Cars trapped inside garage.

5) Only car available: one that needs exhaust system work. Couldn't take it in last week due to the cracked rib. You can hear that sucker blocks away!

Have you ever had a rib injury? I had one twenty years ago. I almost forgot how painful they are. Getting in and out of bed is pure misery. Turn the wrong direction and pain goes shooting through you. Don't even think about bending down and picking something up off the floor.

Tomorrow has to be better, yes?

Oh yeah - almost forgot - busted out of the Championship Event #6 - American Pot-Limit Omaha Championship - when I ran into quad 8's a few hands into the tournament.


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