Tuesday, July 25, 2006

When the cards come your way ...

Amazing how much the cards can make you or break you some days. Last night, for example ...

OPT freeroll at Dream Poker: My trip Aces get beaten by someone who hits a runner runner full house. Having lost most of my stack, I go all in with pocket 10's. I get called by pocket Aces. You guessed it - I get a 10 on the flop. Later on, I have a straight and go all in after the turn, only to get called by someone with two pair. The river: you guessed it - a 3 to complete my opponent's full house.

Poker Host qualifier for Deep Pockets $15,000 guaranteed tourney in August: I am heads up against a player I know is good. He unfortunately gets pocket Aces and doesn't raise up immediately. My cards: 6-2os. The flop 6-2-rag. he bets, I call. The turn: a 2! I check, he goes all in, and I call. I imagine that he was quite shocked to see that I already had the boat.

Gotta love this game!


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