Sunday, August 27, 2006

It appears that I can't break through beyond third place recently. Finished third Sunday evening at this OPT event at Got great cards and had a little luck. Unfortunately, my A-10 (with three players left) ran into Q-Q. If only that second Ace had come up ...

Getting ready for my next trip to Las Vegas on September 2. I plan to log in many hours at Luxor, Bally's, and maybe some at MGM. I'll try to play one or two tourneys at the Sahara, and plan to play at least one of the Caesars noon tourneys.

A sad note to this trip is that it will be my final time staying at the Stardust. The Stardust has been very good to my brother and me, giving us free or discounted rooms over the past six years. Looks like we'll have to find a new Las Vegas "home." We'll have a couple nights at Stardust and a couple nights at Harrah's. Harrah's, of course, is in a much better location, right toward the middle of the Strip. I'd better get ready for the hookers, who prowl inside and outside Harrah's and the Imperial Palace late at night. I got solicited at 3am in the Stardust last trip, so you never know when and where the ladies of the night will show up!

As for online poker ... I decided to list my top five poker rooms. They are:

4) tie - Kiwi and Noble: I do okay at these sites and feel comfortable there.
3) Poker Host: My old "home" has been good to me in 2006
2) Absolute: This site has often given me outrageously great cards in SNGs.

And # 1 ...

1) By far my most favorite site. Great tourneys, great support, fun at the ring tables.


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