Wednesday, August 30, 2006

K9 Poker Tour Ready to Roll

This Friday, September 1, will be the first Hold Em tournament sponsored by the K9 Poker Tour, one of the new kids on the block. I've asked ShaggyTrav, the founder of K9, to answer a few questions about this exciting new poker tour.

Why did you decide to start your own poker tour?

I started my own poker tour due to my love of the game and love of business. I thought to myself, "Why not do both?" Help to protect the game of poker and provide safe places for people to go and play and also have fun doing it.

I had been wanting to do something in this industry for some time now. I met a good friend of mine in Las Vegas a few months back and we began to talk about different businesses within the industry. He said, "You could see the wheels turning in my head." I couldn't sleep after those discussions that we had. After returning, I talked with my wife about possible options for a business and we just started running with it. But, we wanted to do this right. We just didn't want to start with smaller payouts and a unnavigable site. We got our resources together and really think that we have put together a product that people will be proud to say that they are a part of. I know I am!

Why would someone want to join?

They would want to join because not only do we have some of the best places to play and the best players to play, but we also have some of the most lucrative payouts for a new tour on the market today. Our very first tournament is a $500.00 Freeroll. Ask ANY other poker tour if their first tournament amount was that size.

We also offer three separate tours to compete in. We have a Freeroll Tour (which costs nothing to play in and you can win large amounts of cash), Money Tour (which are buy-in events that pit some of the internet's best players against one another), and a Heads-Up Champions Tour. To this day, I'm not sure if anyone else has this type of format.

K9 Poker Tour also offers a Heads-Up Challenge to it's monthly leaders to compete for additional money against myself or the K9 crusher, Desser. We give away weekly prizes in our forum, poker chip card guards, jackpot hands, staff bounties and many other items throughout our site.

What great things are coming up in the near future?

WOW! There is so much to mention. Let me let this blog in on a secret... "We will have some type of SPECIAL prize for our monthly leaders." This will be something in addition to the Heads-Up Challenge and qualifying for the Finals. This will be a great prize. Let me just say BLING! and not just on the site.

We are currently in talks with casinos from around the nation and world to offer trips, boot camps, tournaments, prizes, meals, etc. strictly for K9 Poker Tour Members. K9 Poker Tour is also having discussions with a large school about having some of our members attend. We are talking with some additional poker sites to provide some of the largest freerolls on the market as well as some EXTREMELY lucrative Buy-In Events.

K9 Poker Tour will expand to include a High Roller section as well as a Ladies Only Club. We want to gather a broad base of clients and satisfy everyone's needs.

This tour is for our members. If they want it, we will try to get it. We will do whatever we can to make things within the poker industry accessible to all K9 Poker Tour members.


Sounds great, doesn't it? Go to for some excellent poker action.

Thanks Trav -- and best of luck!


Blogger MTC said...

Nice piece, I am all signed up and ready to rock in tomorrow nights game. i am impressed with how may tournaments are already lined up.

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