Saturday, August 12, 2006

Was in the final three. Chip leader had about 13,000 and I and the other player each had about 4,500. Blinds were getting big. I was dealt 3-3 and thought that I would go for the blinds with this, not expecting a call. Unfortunately, the chip leader had J-J and sent me to the rail in third place.

Would anyone have played it differently? If no call, I win the blinds. If I fold, I get nothing but stay in the game. If I get a call, I am guessing that someone will have two high cards, and I am in a race. I did not think that merely calling or putting out a small raise would do anything except make me depend on a two-outer. The big chance I took, in my eyes, was that someone would get a big pair, which is what happened.


Blogger MTC said...

If your chip total was more then 3xs the BB I would push all-in. You don't want too play 3-3 three handed so my play would be all-in or fold.

6:53 PM  

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