Sunday, September 24, 2006

F#$@ F#$@ F#$@

Sometimes poker really sucks. Today:

1) I go out of the Final Table at the CardsChat Sunday Special at Titan when I get rivered. I can not believe how many times I have lost at Titan on the river. Never on the flop or turn, but always the river.

2) Final Table, Online Poker Tour. I am one of the low stacks and have to watch out for the blinds. I get A-10 os and go all in. As I guess, everyone folds except for Gary812, who is the chip leader. Gary calls - with A-5 os. Of course, a 5 comes on the flop and I am out.

I am sooo glad I have a wireless mouse. After the river came and I was out, the wireless mouse went flying. It took me a few minutes to find the batteries and the parts, but the mouse went back together just fine.

3) Shark tourney at Titan. I have two pair and did not pick up that an opponent caught a set on the flop. Goodbye, Shark tourney. What a donk play on my part.

Hey -- at least i didn't get rivered at Titan that time.


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