Thursday, September 28, 2006

First K9 Poker Tour Victory

I had quite a challenging evening starting at 8:00 pm: playing in the Shark Poker Tour event at Absolute, playing in the Online Poker Tour event at Cake, playing in the K9 Poker Tour event at Golden Riviera, and watching CSI and Shark on CBS. My multi-tasking capabilities seem to diminish once I get beyond, say, two things at once, so I knew I needed every bit of concentration I could muster.


Shark: Finished 11th out of 53, which was two places out of the money
Cake: Finished 10th out of 629, for a small cash
K9: Finished 1st out of 68

The Shark finish was disappointing. I was doing quite well but got distracted with the other tournaments, the television shows, and my kids. No excuses - just a loss of concentration that cost me a few key hands.

How I finished so high at Cake, God only knows. I barely paid attention to this tourney and was close to going out so many times. However, the quickly increasing blinds at Cake make you go all in when in danger, and I hit some big hands. Went out when I pushed pocket 4's. I probably wouldn't have done it if I had noticed that a player with a huge stack had yet to bet. He called me with 8-4 os, and of course, the flop was 8-8-rag. Such is poker.

The K9 tourney was fantastic. It was almost like I hand picked the cards I got most of the game. I got pocket rockets several times, and they were never cracked. I did piss off one player when I bet instead of checking down on an all in, but I caught top pair, great kicker and wanted those chips. When he gave me some crap, I responded with "f_ _ _ y _ _. Looks like Golden Riviera doesn't filter nasty language!

The final two were myself and murrythecat, one of my buds from the Online Poker Tour. murry is an excellent player, so I knew I had a difficult task in front of me. I had a good chip lead, but he hammered away and took the lead. The momentum really shifted, and I didn't want this one to slip away. Fortunately, my little run of cold cards ended, and I was able to nail down the victory, my first at K9.

Looks like I will go to sleep with a smile on my face tonight.


Blogger MTC said...

Way to go Light, you outplayed me. That guy was bantering with me for about 15 minutes, calling me a donk, a calling station, not knowing how to raise. Funny stuff,
Congrats again.

2:00 PM  

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