Monday, September 18, 2006

How is this for a nasty 36 hours at the tables?

1) Was progressing quite well in a Noble buy-in tournament when my A-A pre-flop all in got called by Q-7 os. The guy with Q-7 was hitting all kinds of junk hands and was one one the chip leaders. He caught a Q on the flop and a 7 on the turn. Unbelievable.

2) Placed on the bubble in a CardsChat tournament. No money.

3) Was the first one out in a K9 tournament. I was tired and not thinking right and was lured by a bounty. K9 player Desser had originally raised pre-flop and I called. When the flop was rag-rag-rag, I went all in with Q-Q. Only two hands would put her ahead of me -- A-A or K-K. She had K-K. Should have known.

4) Ring game at Noble. Raised with A-A pre-flop. Got one caller who stayed with me. Flop was all rags, and I got burned when he hit a set of 3's on the flop.

5) Ring game at Noble. I raise with A-K. Get one caller. Flop is A-rag-rag. I raise and the other guy goes all in. I put him on A-Q or A-J and call. He has 7-7 ... and procedes to catch his lucky 7 on the turn. Why would he go all in with only a pocket pair of 7's? I raised pre-flop and an Ace came on the flop. Dang two-outers.


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