Friday, September 08, 2006

Las Vegas Trip Report - Part II

I spent over 40 hours playing $1/$2 NL ring games this trip, mostly at Bally's. When not at Bally's, I was at ...


Only played about an hour at the Lux this trip. I was having such great success at Bally's that it took me two days before I ventured up the strip. Unfortunately, while the temperature in Bally's tended to be cool, the temperature in the Luxor Poker Room was unbelievably hot. I was dying in there, and decided that I needed to get out. I was dealt pocket 9's and raised. The guy to my right put me all in (only about $60 at the time). Since I was ready to leave, I called. He had A-J. Nothing on the flop, nothing on the turn, then ... an Ace on the river.

Although I only played an hour at the Luxor, I still think highly of their management. It was just not for me this trip.

MGM Grand

I had only played at MGM once before (at a $2/$4 Limit table), so I was looking forward to trying the NL tables I had read so much about.

I felt very uncomfortable at my table. A few locals, a couple people who didn't talk, and a strange vibe were what I found. I was dealt pocket Cowboys and raised. One guy called me, saying "I shouldn't play this, but I got my favorite hand." Unfortunately, I had no idea what his favorite hand was, but apparently others at the table did. Turned out that he had Q-J spades and stayed in the hand since the flop produced high cards and a spade. I hit my set and bet up, but he stayed with me. I bet up after the turn, and he stayed with me. He hit a runner runner flush on the river and took half my stack. Funny thing - after that suckout, he never looked at me as long as I was at the table. Nice suckout, Clyde.

I ended up losing one other hand on the river to a flush. I was still pissed about losing with my Kings and failed to see the flush draw on the river. That told me that it was time to leave and go back to Bally's.


What a great place this was. Good, friendly vibe and a mixture of decent players, guys who thought they were, and ATM's. The management seemed to do a great job in keeping the electronic list moving, and the dealers were pretty friendly and did not make a tremendous amount of errors.

Sometimes things have a way of working out. On one hand, a dealer flipped over one of my cards - a Queen. I don't have to tell you what my other hole card was. The flop: yep - a third Queen comes. However, the board was dangerous. As it turns out, I would have put one woman all in. With a big flush draw, she would have called, and I'd have lost some big money when she hit her flush on the river. Funny game we play, huh?

My Worst Ever Bad Beat

I was in my final hours of my trip, almost ready to head to the airport. Just enough time for one last session at Bally's.

I got terrible cards and only played a few hands in two hours ($1/$2 NL). Then ... I get pocket 8's and raise $15. I get a couple of callers.

Flop: Q-7-8. I raise $25 and am called by one player. I put him on A-Q or K-Q. He has only been at the table for a few minutes, but appears to be a decent player. He is going nowhere. I am feeling good.

Turn: Q. He he- The guy has a pair of Queens with a good kicker and thinks that he has the best hand. I am deciding how much to raise and settle on $100. Unfortunately, I do too much thinking and didn't announce my $100 raise. I divided my chips into two stacks of fifty and put the first one in. I immediately move the second one in and am told that my bet has to stay at $50 since I didn't verbally declare the $100. Fair enough - it looked like a string bet.

River: Q! Arrggghhhh. I check, and of course, my opponent bets $100. I am almost positive he has the fourth Q, so I lay my hand down. One guy at the table says, "You must not play online poker. An online player would never lay that hand down." I respond, "I do play online poker. In online, you can't read all that you can at a real table. I am almost positive that he has the fourth Q, probably with an A." The winning player turns over his cards: A-Q. Runner runner quads.

That loss made for a swing of about $350 in my bankroll. But it could have been worse, right? I tip the dealer a few bucks for strictly enforcing the rules and saving me fifty bucks. How many times does the losing player tip the dealer?


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