Friday, September 15, 2006

Noble Dirty Dozen Jackpot -- Close, but No Cigar

One of several SNG promotions by Noble Poker is the Dirty Dozen Jackpot bonus. Win four Dirty Dozen tournaments in a row and you get a $2,000 bonus. The Dirty Dozen is a cheap SNG -- only $2.40 to play, with 12 players.

I don't have to continue, do I? I win number one ... then number two ... then number three ... and then crash and burn in number four when my A-Q gets busted by A-K, leaving me to grumble about my sixth place finish.

It was bound to happen -- a card-dead tournament after several good ones, and one joker at my table who kept going all in. At least I didn't suffer a bad beat, but I sure wish I at least been in the ballgame at this one. Guess I'll just have to be satisfied with those massive $12 rewards for winning the first three.


Blogger MTC said...

Nice try Light.

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