Friday, September 22, 2006

Taco Bell Just Can't Get It Right

With the hectic work schedules my wife and I have, we sometimes have to grab a quick family dinner at the local fast food restaurants. There is never a problem with four of the five orders. The fifth, however, is always wrong.

I have a daughter who abhors cheese. Her usual order: Nachos with no cheese, no sour cream, no beans. Now, I have tried to order her nachos by saying "Nachos with meat, green onions, and tomatoes only." However, the brain surgeons at Taco Bell can't quite figure that out since the order goes in the register as Nachos - cheese, - beans, -sour cream.

Even when I order it in "Taco Bell Lingo," they still get the order wrong. They get it right once every five or six trips. Very frustrating.

On the other hand, who orders nachos without cheese? C'mon, girl of mine, get with it!

While in poker news ...

I am just too impatient to play in many of these online tournaments. I seem to be doing pretty well in the Noble freezeouts, but I am getting bored playing in my poker groups -- Online Poker Tour, K9 Poker Tour,, CheckRayz, and the Shark Poker Tour. I prefer the buy-in freezeout events these groups sponsor, but am having trouble taking the rebuys and freerolls seriously.

Perhaps I need to cut down on my playing time and concentrate on just a few events that really interest me. Otherwise, I am quickly becoming the posterboy for poor playing of NL poker.

Tomorrow: First event on the Blogger Poker Tour. I am looking forward to this event on Bloggers tend to be excellent poker players. I was fortunate to take 4th place in last season's BPT finals. First place -- and an entry into the WSOP Main Event -- was unfortunately just out of reach. This year, the sky's the limit.


Blogger MTC said...

Stop picking on your daughter. I hate any food that is green, lettuce, pickles, also tomatoes (not green) but I love cheeseburgers. They always screw up my order and put a pickle on the burger. Nobody understands why I don't just take the pickle off myself. The reason is, the pickle juice soaks into the burger and ruins it. So when I order I tell them "cheeseburger well done, fries, and NOTHING ELSE ON THE PLATE". It is not easy being me. lol

3:34 AM  
Blogger lightning36 said...

Geez murry - you're one of "them."

As for me - extra everything. You should see what my Subway subs end up looking like!

7:36 AM  

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