Saturday, September 16, 2006

This Freakin' Game ...

I am playing in a $3000 Guaranteed Freezeout tournament at Noble. Less than 70 left, top 50 will be paid. I get A-A in late position. Two callers plus the blinds. One of the callers is the chips leader who is bragging about how K-10 has paid off for him several times in the tournament.

I think that the chips leader and only him will call, so I go all in. I am correct -- fold, fold, fold, and he calls ... with Q-7 offsuit! He hits a Queen on the flop, and the river is a 7. No help for me as I go out in 67th place.

My play in this tournament was excellent. The chips leader did just as I hoped and planned, and I still lost. What a game, this online No Limit Hold Em Poker ...


Blogger MTC said...

Hey Light, the only place I win these days is no-limit ring games, every tourney is a disaster. I am going to A.C. in about 10 days and I am going to play no-limit cash game for the first time (any tips?)

3:37 AM  

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