Friday, September 01, 2006

Time for Las Vegas

Okay - enough of this online poker stuff. Time for the real deal tomorrow - Las Vegas.

I decided to check which way my poker karma was blowing today. Went to and played a little NL ring action. I saw that the flops seemed to be producing many Aces, so when I was dealt A-4 os, I decided to limp in. The flop: 4-4-4! The bet comes to me, and of course, I check. Several more people check, and one person in late position throws out a big bet. Hmmm ... should I fold? I waited a long time before calling, and I guess that my ruse worked. He had no idea that I had the other four.

One other player joined us in seeing the turn. We both check, and the late position guy puts out a bigger raise. I of course take a long time to decide to call, and the other player folds. The river is a King, and I get worried that a raise may chase my opponent out. I decide against a value bet and go all in. He calls. Very nice double up.

A few hands later, I am dealt pocket rockets, which have caused me many problems lately. I put out a big raise and get one caller. The flop is K-rag-rag. I raise and get re-raised. Am I up against a set of Kings? Two pair? A pair of Kings with a good kicker?

Since I had doubled up a few hands before, I decided to go all in. I get called, and guess what? The caller had the Big Slick. He gets no help on the turn or the river.

Result: A short session at and my plane trip is now paid for! Sure seems like a good sign to me.

I will not have a computer with me on my trip, so I will look forward to writing my next entry in about a week, hopefully with lots of good Las Vegas poker stories to tell.

My goals:

1) Cash in a Caesars Palace noon tourney
2) Cash in a Sahara tourney
3) Burn up the NL tables at Bally's and Luxor, try the NL tables at MGM Grand, and come home with a profit somewhere in four figures. And no, I am NOT counting the numbers AFTER the decimal point.



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Nice session Light. Good luck out there!!!

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