Saturday, October 07, 2006

Deleting some of the old poker rooms ...

Well, since so many poker rooms are now closing their doors to US players, I spent this past week making many withdrawals. Then I cleaned up my desktop by deleting all those rooms that will not allow US players. I hope they don't ever decide they want us back, because I won't go back.

Some of my old favorites, like and Absolute, did the exact opposite: they not only affirmed their commitment to US players, but they also offered special deposit bonuses. I deposited in both. I had not been playing much on, but now I remember why I liked them so much. I am doing well in the $1/$2 NL ring games.

K9 Poker Tour news ...

After winning a freeroll on K9, I placed third in another freeroll. Tonight I played in a heads up tourney at Golden Riviera that was sponsored by K9. After a tough first match, I made it to the finals rather easily when I caught a straight on the flop and took out some poor guy that probably had trip Aces. In the finals, I went up against Shaggytrav, the founder of K9.

We were going back and forth when I hit top pair with a decent kicker. When Travis reraised me, I put him on an overpair and attempted to fold. I guess I shouldn't have been playing in a dark room, because believe it or not, I HIT THE WRONG BUTTON and went all in. Naturally, he called, and the match was over. Talk about stupid mistakes. I had hit the wrong button before when playing three tables, but never when playing only one. I believe this may have been the first time ever for a heads up between Travis and me, so I am really pissed at myself for making this stupid mistake. Travis is an excellent heads up player, and I really wanted to find out how I'd match up against him. Damn.


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