Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Mookie and a quick replacement K9 tourney

Wednesday night was a time for some new experiences. For some unknown reason, I had never played at Full Tilt Poker. However, after reading about The Mookie (a tourney with a bunch of bloggers), I decided to give it a go at Full Tilt.

Lots of folding through the first half hour as I get virtually no cards at all. Then, in the Big Blind, I get Cowboys. One player, Columbo, raises pre-flop, so I re-raise him. He goes all in and I call. Looks great: my K-K vs his 10-10. I am ready for my climb to the upper tier of the leaderboard when ... you guessed it, a ten came on the river, sending me to the rail in 54th place (out of 60). Nothing like hitting the rail on a rivered two-outer.

I wish I had lasted longer to get a feel for the level of play in the Mookie. Guess I'll have to wait a little to find out.

Wednesday's K9 tourney was supposed to be held at Amco Poker. We got everyone in, waited ... then found that the tourney was canceled. I don't know the whole story yet, but it sure doesn't leave me feeling all gooey about Amco.

ShaggyTrav, the main man at K9, showed what a star he is by quickly arranging a tourney at Imagine -- one tourney gets canceled, and another one is arranged and going within 45 minutes. Where else online will a poker site come through like that. Check out my link on the right side of the blog for the K9 Poker Tour.

Small field of only 20, with top three cashing. I double up early and have the lead early on. However, I go card dead for what seemed like forever and see my ranking go down ... down ... down ...

With shrewd playing and a little luck, I get back in the thick of things for the final table. I make it in the final three, but have only about half the stack of the other two. I am dealt A-rag and go all in, not expecting a call. ashian, the eventual winner, calls me with, I think, Q-J and catches a Queen to put me out in third. My poker bud murrythecat finished second.

Tried a little $1/$2 NL at Full Tilt. Was up and then even, and decided to try a big bluff. I had top pair (Kings) with a Queen kicker. I guessed that the other player in the hand had A-K, although he didn't bet like he had the Big Slick. A flush possibility was on the board, so I re-raised his bet with an all in, figuring that he would guess I hit the flush and fold. Unfortunately, he called, so goodbye money. Gotta admit, though, that I liked playing at Full Tilt. I just might reload and play my regular game and try to grind out a profit.

To end the evening on a good note, I did win my last tourney of the night, a midnight $5 buy in at Poker World. I have cashed all but one time in this small tourney. It has become part of my nightly routine.


Blogger mookie99 said...

Thanks for making it out to The Mookie last night. Tough beat but hope to see you at future events.

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