Sunday, October 15, 2006

Saw two movies this weekend -- one that sucked, one that was great

My kids are absolutely enamored with Japanese culture, anime, or almost anything Asian. As a result, I accompanied my son to see The Grudge 2 Friday night.

Talk about a waste of money. There was only one scene in the movie that I thought was creative and interesting. The rest was a borefest. Nothing scary at all. I'd rather see a gore fest like Friday the 13th than trash like this.

Saturday afternoon, however, was a different story. My wife and I saw The Departed. Talk about a fantastic movie. Leonardo DiCaprio gave an award-winning performance as a ... oh, I don't want to spoil the plot for you if you haven't seen it. Matt Damon was good, but we thought that Jack Nicholson didn't give his usual excellent performance. He was okay - just didn't steal every scene like he does in some movies.

If you haven't seen The Departed yet - do so now. No matter what you pay, it will be worth it. Check out the trailer at .


Ups and downs this weekend. Worst was being the first one out at a Shark buy in tourney at Got a perfect cooler hand. Had 9-9 and the flop was J-9-rag. The pot was raised, I reraised, and then was put all in. Turns out that my opponent had J-J and hit the top set. My miracle one-outer didn't come on the turn or river.

Finished 4th in a PokerWorld K9 buy in tourney. Had A-K suited, and the chip leader went all in. I was hoping he had A-Q or A-J. I was willing to take my chances with a pair since my luck had been running well. He had J-J, and I got no help on the flop, turn, or river. Looking back, I wish that I had just folded, but I saw that as my opportunity to take to chip lead and then go on to victory. I was hoping to go heads up with murrythecat, who eventually won.

Thank goodness my ring games were good and made up for a lackluster weekend of tournaments.


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Hey Light, I definetely want to see that Movie, the trailers make it look pretty good.

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