Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday Tournaments

Struggled in the $50,000 Freeroll. I was playing a tight game to get past the donks, and had my Cowboys put all in after my big raise. I called, and lost to 9-9 when the donk lucked into a straight. I was then forced to go all in with A-J os and was called by A-Q os. Luckily, the flop brought both an Ace and a Jack and I doubled up just past the critical zone.

All in in the early stages of a tourney with 9-9 when there has already been a big raise? I guess over 1,700 freerollers in the tourney dictate that type of play, right? Sheesh.

The Outro ...

I am in the big blind with K-rag and low on chips. Three people in for the flop of K-rag-rag with two clubs on the board. I decided to push all in. I get called by a guy with Q-J clubs, hoping to catch his flush. The turn: Jack. The river: Jack. Nothing like getting shoved to the rail on runner runner three of a kind. The same lucky sob got pocket Jacks on the next hand and cleaned up. What a freaking game.

OPT $10 buy-in at Absolute

Had a great time at the OPT buy in, but alas a dearth of decent cards at the critical stage sent me to the rail in 11th place just short of the final table. Pocket queens were running rampant for everyone ... except me, it seemed. I got some good hands in the first 20 minutes, then not much afterwards.

Funny -- I seem to be on fire at the SNG's at Absolute, yet get nothing in in my private multi-table tourneys.

A player profile was done on me since I won the Mookie this past week. You can see it at .


Blogger MTC said...

Thats pretty cool Light!! I will probably play that game Wednsday.
See you there.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Kipper said...

I managed 312 in the --50k Believe it or not the donks are still playing with that many left. I was only 12 away from the money and well over the chip average before I was elimintated.

2:40 PM  

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