Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Back with a few decent showings ...

Played in my first WWdN, which was titled the Plate of Shrimp Invitational. I had fortunately built up a good cushion when I got my first (and only) baddie of the night: All in with 10-10 after a flop of threee low rags. I was called by Maudie, who had 9-9. Turn was uneventful, and the river ... a 9. As luck would have it, I caught some hot cards and soon replaced what I lost on that big hand.

I generally hovered around 3rd to 4th place most of the tourney. Got to the final table and was doing okay until I decided to go all in with A-K. I got called by Miami Don, who had A-A. I thought I was out, but I had a few hundred chips left. With some selective all ins and quite a bit of luck, I built my bankroll back over 10,000. I finally busted out in 4th place. The remaining players, who were somewhat evenly matched in chips, shortly chopped the pot. One winning hand short of being in on the chop -- not bad for my first WWdN.

As the WWdN was going on, I was paying little attention to the OPT freeroll at Poker.com. I finished 34th out of 499, just nine places out of winning my buy in to the next OPT tourney at Poker.com.

So ... not a terrible night for a donkey like me.
Speaking of donkeys, I was called one the other night at a Poker.com buy in. A guy had Cowboys and hit his set on the flop. I had the nut flush draw, so I stayed in since he was placing minimal bets. When I hit my flush on the river, I should have put him all in, but I placed a value bet to get him to call. He called, and when he found out he lost, he called me all kinds of names. Maybe the donk should learn how to bet a set. Idiot.
Some poker players, however, act differently. In a small buy in tourney at Poker World, I was on the bubble with a short stack. I pushed my decent hands all in several times, and one player said, "Next time I call." Well, two hands later I got the Hilton Sisters, so I went all in. He called with 9-2 suited, and hit a straight or flush on the river (Don't remember - it was late). I laughed about it since it was such a terrible beat. The player, TJ, actually sent me my buy in back. Now ... even though we are only talking about a few bucks here, can you believe that someone covered my entry fee since he took me out with a nasty beat on the bubble?
In general, I have found that many poker players, although willing to legitimately connive to take everything you have, are actually stand up people. Nothing like a little show of sportsmanship to keep you feeling good about the game, even when you go el busto.


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What is the OPT, and how could I become a part of it?

I play on Poker.com (and really think its the best site out there), and recently joined the BPT (although will miss my first shot at an event tomorrow). So I was just wondering if/how I would go about becoming a part of the OPT.


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