Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just Another Tricky Day in the Life of the Lightning Man

My Saturday began with dealing with an idiot, and ended with dealing with an idiot.

The beginning: I was playing in a $2,000 freeroll at There were 743 players who met the playing requirements and the tourney was paying the top 50. Having recently read some articles about tightening up and cleaning up play, I decided to do just that. And it worked, getting me into the top 100. Now, as the bubble approached, play, of course, slowed down. I was sitting a few places outside the bubble and didn't think that I could make it in the money just cruising. I had a few rounds of blinds left, and decided to go all in in late position with A-J spades. With the bubble just ahead, I did not expect to get called. However, one guy called with 10-10.

I still had enough chips to keep everyone out, I thought, and I was surprised that this guy risked half his chips to call me, knowing that I must have some big cards or a big pair. As luck would have it, I hit the flop and more than doubled up.

Now ... this other guy couldn't understand why someone outside the bubble would go all in with an Ace and a strong kicker. If I was blinded out I would probably finish outside the money, not to mention that 50th place was only paying $5. He asked about this and I said: "$5 isn't really going to significantly change my life." I than ran a simulator and told him that I was actually a 57% percent favorite. He wouldn't believe that either. Some people just can't see beyond themselves and their hand.

I ended up finishing 32nd. I had pocket 10s and went all in and was called by someone with pocket Jacks. The flop came -- nothing. The turn was a 10, and I couldn't believe my good luck. Ah, but the poker gods only teased me, sending a Jack on the river and me to the rail. Better to go down fighting for first that play lame to pick up an extra few bucks.

My evening situation was much worse. I had bought some ear buds for my daughter, and the buds somehow got lost between Best Buy, Meijer, and home. I thought that I might have dropped them outside Meijer, so I made a quick trip back. Couldn't find them. Then I stopped at Best Buy to see if I dropped them going out the door. Nope.

I opened my car door, and a gust of wind caught it and hit it into the car next to mine. Now ... my red Mustang convertible, while now mature, is still my baby. I hate to see it get hit, so of course I felt bad about what happened. It turned out that a guy and a girl were inside the car, and the guy was upset -- rightfully so. However, he started ragging on me about how some people just don't care about other's property, how I have a crap car (grrrr), ... you get the vibe. I had told him that I was sorry, but the wind caught it. It left a little smudge that a little spit and a wipe took care of. But no, this guy had to go on and on about the situation. I certainly do not take any shit from someone less than half my age, and I told him to grow up. He kept on and on and his girlfriend was trying to put her hand over his mouth, and I finally said, "Just grow the f*** up. Shut up." The girlfriend thought that I was talking to her and said "No one talks to me like that. Do you want me to call the police?" I said "Call the police - see what I care."

At that point, I figured it best to just leave before the situation got worse. I saw the moron whip out his cell phone and look at my license number. He apparently called 911 and told the operator that there was a hit and run at Best Buy. Do you believe the wuss?

I was driving home and got pulled over by the police. I gave my version of what happened to the officer. She checked on her radio and found out that -- oops, looks like it was not a hit and run and no damage was done to the other guy's car. She told me that since there was no damage there is no incident and this is over.

Uh ... nice use of 911. My only hope is that the responding officers gave the other guy crap about calling 911 for a stupid parking lot mishap.

So ... how was your day?????


Blogger MTC said...

Lightning you rebel (hehe) kids today huh?
I agree with your assesment of your tournament, this is one of the things I have been tweaking in my game. If 50th place was a couple of hundred maybe you get more conservative. If you are playing to win you have to adjust to the situation and find ways to get chips.In the forum game yesterday I was starting to bog down a little around the 100 player mark and decided to make a play from the cutoff with rags. Figuring my tight rep would only get called by a very big hand. I was surprisingly called by K-10 and sucked out. Bottom line is we are always playing to win.

1:07 PM  
Blogger WindBreak247 said...

I was playing the 50k last night and thought I'd look for you after I busted out just in the money. Ironically enough, you busted just two spots ahead of me.

Now I know $5 doesn't change your life (nor mine), but nice job cashing!

I also saw you in a cash game a few days back (popping my "seeing a blogger at a table" cherry) and said hi, but you didn't respond. I then proceeded to donk off my buy-in not too much later.

Anyway, just thought I'd drop by and say hi.

9:43 AM  

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