Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No Repeat Victory in The Mookie - Lightning Strikes

Results of The Mookie - Second Chance Tournament

The Final Hand of The Mookie - Second Chance Tournament

Recap of The Mookie - Lightning Strikes and The Mookie - Second Chance Tournaments for Wednesday, November 1

Talk about the poker gods evening things up ...

One week ago, I was getting all kinds of great cards to play in The Mookie. The flops always seemed to help me, and I was a chip leader for almost the entire tournament. This week, however, I got virtually no cards, and anything I did get seemed to be missed almost completely by the flop.

I finished 23rd out of 59. The only reason I lasted that long was that my cards were so bad that I rarely lost chips outside of my blinds. Even at the end, I could not get a reasonable hand with which to go all in. When I finally got A-J, I was called by someone with pocket 10's, and he hit his set on the flop.

In the second chance turbo tournament, I waited calmly, then was rewarded with some good cards for key hands down the stretch. Once we got down to four players (the top four got tokens for a more expensive tourney), and all-in hand got rid of two players. In heads up play, I got pocket Jacks on the second or third hand. After raises and reraises, I was all in -- against 10-10. Things looked great until ... (check out the screenie) the river -- 10. Tourney over.

These blogger tournaments have been fun. The competition is good, and no one gets a stroke when the poker gods decide to exert their evil influences.

I hope to use the token I won on next week's DADI X tournament. I will have to miss the next Mookie as I will be going to Peoria to see Chicago in concert. Third row seats ... yes!!


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