Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Recent Tournament Action ...

... has been okay. Finished a few places out of the money at a K9 tournament at Tropical Poker, but at least I did make the final table instead of bubbling it as I have recently. Had a respectable showing in an OPT freeroll at, but had a middle-of-the-pack showing at a blogger tournament on Tuesday. Lost on the river ... again. So tonight ...

1) The Mookie - I would love to take this puppy down again. Full Tilt has not been kind to me lately, so maybe I get my revenge tonight.
2) Freeroll at Third Bullet - reserved for the members of Desser's Danes, the winners of an internal tourney for K9 Poker Tour members. We got to pick which team we would be on, and the winning team got a freeroll. When it came time to sign up, I saw the Danes loaded with some of the best K9 players so I joined. I was happy to make the final table and help secure the private freeroll for the Danes. Yea!

I am now officially one hour away from the Thanksgiving holiday break (USA). Let's all have a good long weekend.


Blogger MTC said...

Happy Thanksgiving Light. I suspect we will have a few more duels before we put 2006 to bed.

10:13 AM  

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