Sunday, November 05, 2006

Weekend of Unsatistactory Results

I barely got done writing about the thin line between winning and losing, and the next thing you know -- I am living it.

Home Game

No bad beats here at least, just a little frustration with going card dead when I needed a hand to push all in. 4-2 os, 7-3 os, 9-3 os ... you name it, I had it at the wrong time. Finished third in the game, which at least got me by buy in back and paid for a trip or two to the fast food joints which served as the source of most meals this weekend since my wife was out of town and I had the kids to myself.

We used to play every other week, then decided to double the buy in and play once a month. Once a month for live poker just doesn't cut it with me. Looks like I should try to find another local game.

Full Tilt NL Ring Games

1) Had an obvious donk at the table and was looking to get his stack. He raised and I re-raised with Cowboys. He then went all in (about 40% of my stack) and I called. K-K vs 10-10. Well , you know how this story goes. He hits his two-outer to win the pot and take over half my chips.

2) Had pocket 9's and stayed in for a flop of 5-K-5. Turn was a jack, and the river was a 9. When the 9 hit, I raised up and then ended up re-raising all in. Turns out that my opponent had K-K and got just what he wanted: Someone else hitting a lower full house. He played it well, and I fell in his trap. Geez.

3) 90 person SNG. Had K-K and was raised, then called an all in. My opponent had A-K, and of course, hit an Ace on the the turn.

4) 9 person SNG to win a $75 token. I wanted this one to be able to play in The Big Game tonight. About ten minutes into the tourney, I got pocket rockets. I re-raised, then called an all in. The result: A-A vs K-K. You know what turned up on the flop, right???

Bright Spot of the Weekend

I don't know how I did it, but I placed 14th in the Blogger Poker Tour Omaha game on Saturday. It was only the third time that I ever played Omaha. Looks like a little savvy and a little good luck can carry you further than you think sometimes ...


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