Saturday, December 02, 2006

One hell of a heater all week, and then a major heartbreak.

Although I did not fare too well in some of the blogger tournaments on Full Tilt and PokerStars earlier in the week, I suddenly caught absolute fire on at the $1/2 and $.50/1 NL games and won more in one week than I ever had before ... maybe even two or three times as much. I got cards, played them to perfection, and only had one or two bad beats. I have always done well at, and it seems to me that the bad beats and river beats even out at that site.

On Friday night, I played in the first-ever K9 High Rollers tournament at Vegas Poker 24/7. Although it was a small field, I was still thrilled to take it down. Additionally, 24/7 is supposed to throw in a free entry to one of its $100,000 guaranteed weekly tournaments, so that is a $216 entry bonus. Yesssssssss.

The heartbreak came today in the second to last Blogger Poker Tour tournament at I finished fourth in the Grand Final last season, and have frankly been embarassed by my poor play this season. My goal was the final table, but I really wanted in the top five for extra points.

After getting virtually no starting hands in the first 90 minutes, I was short-handed in the Big Blind and went all in with TPLK. A call by the table chip leader doubled me up and gave me some breathing room.

Later, someone raised with 8-8. I looked down to see K-K, so I went all in doubled up.

I was one of the chip leaders toward the end when Flandrius raised 4,000 - which I believe was 2X the BB. I put him on A-something and knew that I would have him dominated by my A-K. I went all in and he called with A-J. I was a 67% favorite. The flop: 6-Q-Q. Two more cards and I would double up again and be a threat to win the event. The turn: JACK!!!!! I still had outs for the river (a King or a 10), but a 9 ended my game. So ... I go out in 13th place when I get burned on a three-outer. Flandrius, meanwhile, goes on to take down the event.


This one really hurt. Thank goodness my kids were not around to hear my language as I cursed my bad luck.

What a game. Even if you play perfect poker, you can still get beat if the poker gods are cheering for the other player. I guess that is why we love this game so much ...


Blogger WindBreak247 said...

As you know, I also got my heart broken in the blogger tourney Saturday.

But, I still had a blast in my first blogger event and really really enjoyed playing a nice tournament against a field of good players.

9:17 AM  

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