Saturday, December 09, 2006

Online Forum Challenge Victory

Due to some problems at the last Online Forum Challenge freeroll at OK USA Poker, the top 100 were put in a special freeroll to determine forum honors. I was playing for the K9 Poker Tour this time, as I rotate which forum I play for -- K9, the Online Poker Tour, and CardsChat. A mix of good cards late in the tourney, good decisions overall, and a few gifts from the poker gods translated into a victory. The final table was particularly fun since two of the others in the final six were murrythecat and jermn, two excellent players from the OPT and K9. They both happened to be playing for the OPT, so I imagine that OPT will win the event.

Home Game, Vegas 24/7 $100,000 Guaranteed

I took third in last night's home game. I have cashed in about five of the last six. I got no cards early on and then got crippled when my A-J was slaughtered by A-7, which hit two pair on the flop. However, I jusy took my time, pushed when appropriate, and either won the hands or got people to fold. So, once again I have to settle for third place, but at least I made it into the money again, which is top three at the home game.

$100,000 Guaranteed saw me go totally card dead for the first hour+. Then, in the Big Blind, I got K-Qos. Everyone folded except the biggish stack Small Blind, who raised. I called and got a flop of rag-Q-rag. The Small Blind went all in, and I thought that he was just trying to muscle me out of the chips, so I called. Unfortunately, he had A-Q. End of story.

Looking back, I should have folded and lived for another hand. Making a poor judgment on my opponent's hand cost me big time. It was a reckless play by a guy who usually plays a little smarter than that. Live and learn.


Blogger MTC said...

You The Man!!! Great Game

11:13 PM  
Blogger The Average Joe said...

Congrats on the 1st! Looks like you're on a roll!! Good momentum to the BPT I see...

Regards - Joey

10:40 PM  

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