Thursday, December 28, 2006 Takes Money Out Of Players' Accounts Due To An "Error" In A $19,000 Guaranteed Tournament

Before I get to posting a year-end review, I got one of those little reminders about what poker can sometimes be about. I heard someone on a radio show stating that some of the superstar poker players today are just the latest incarnation of crooks and thieves from the past. I mean ... how many of them have more than their share of grifter tales?

Have you read all the crapola about Brandi Hawbaker and Captain Tom Franklin? Talk about a poker soap opera. Real life can oftentimes be better than anything television can make up.

Oh yeah ... back to the topic...

When many of the poker sites decided to say no to USA players, we found out who some of the good guys were, and unfortunately, who some of the bad guys were. Some sites gave us plenty of warning and acted in a respectful way. I may have slammed Titan Poker many times for the unbelievable river beats I received, but Titan was among the best at being up front and giving plenty of time to cash out. I can't say the same for some other sites that gave perhaps a one hour notice before closing accounts ... and keeping money. Yeah - we sometimes get reminded that poker and slime go together quite frequently., however, takes it to another level. In one of the worst public relations moves in recent memory, awarded money for a $19,000 Guaranteed tournament, and then after saying that there was error, TOOK MONEY OUT OF THE WINNING PLAYERS' ACCOUNTS! Makes you wonder how "safe" our money ever really is.

I have already told myself that at any time I could get screwed over by any poker room, forum, or organization. There is a risk to virtually everything in life, and online poker seems riskier than most. I only hope that I never experience what some of our unfortunate poker brothers and sisters received as a Christmas gift from


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