Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Third Place in Tonight's Mookie
I missed The Mookie last week and frankly had not been doing much in it since my victory late last year. It seemed like I could never catch cards at Full Tilt, and I was rivered waaay too many times.
Tonight I was dealt some small pocket pairs and suited connectors early in the tournament. However, every flop seemed to miss me and I was soon down to what my real life poker buddy Tom calls "single stack mode." I was down to about 640 chips and just waiting for my chance to pounce. I finally caught some cards and slowly built the stack up to where it looked like I might make the final table. I eventually got as high as second, but most often I hovered between third and eighth.
Amazingly, almost all my hands held up at showdown. I took a few chances and caught some good flops. My one luckbox play came when the eventual champ, NumbBono, had a pair of 6's up against my K-Qos. I thought that he was out stealing blinds. Luckily, I spiked a Queen on the river to more than double up.
I thought that I was out when photojenn's A-Kd was up against my Q-Jd. However, I had about 4,500 chips left and went all in a few times to build my stack.
When down to three and my stack much smaller than the other players, I went all in with 4-4. NumbBono had 9-9, and that was all she wrote.
I wish I could take back the call against photojenn. Just a bad read and play on my part. However, I will take the third place finish. Doing that well against the primo competition that was in this Mookie is not too shabby.


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Congrats on the 3rd place finish last night.

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