Sunday, February 25, 2007

Caught in the muck at the Firefighters tournament

Well, today was a day of disappointment as nothing seemed to go right in my first attempt to secure a spot at the 2007 WSOP Main Event. My early afternoon session of approximately 250 players brought in all kinds -- a big college crowd from the University of Illinois, and, surprisingly, many men who were not in that traditional college age range. There were very few female players that I saw. This group would play down to ten, which would then be combined with the final ten from the second session.

Early on, I had Cowboys and re-raised the initial raiser. The flop -- a horrible one for me: A-Q-something. The turn: another Queen. I was forced to lay the hand down, and then waited a long time to get another primo starting hand.

It was just one of those tournaments when nothing went right. You folded your cards and the flop smacked what you just folded. You stayed in with suited connectors, and the flop acted like you were from another world.

I was only able to make it through one hour and 45 minutes of the four-hour session. I had to play pushmonkey with my short stack, and actually was doing okay after a few pushes. Then however, came a crucial play. I was dealt pocket 7's and decided to go all in to grab the blinds. I was pretty confident that the larger stacks were not going to call. However, the one person with a smaller stack than me called. His hand: Rockets! The flop? rag-Ace-rag. I was forced to go all in to cover a raise to my big blind (almost out of chips) when I had 9-2h. I got two more hearts, but that was it.

In these type of charity tournaments with rapidly increasing blinds, a crucial bad hand (my Cowboys) and a lack of decent starting hands spells doom. Little chance to build a stack to survive the quickly-increasing blinds. One bad call or suckout and you're done. Maybe next time. *sigh*


Blogger WindBreak247 said...

You absolutely cannot win a tournament with a bad structure without seeing some form of cards.

Hang in there, and hopefully things will only get better on your road to the WSOP.

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