Saturday, February 10, 2007

Home Game Results

My monthy home game, which pays three places, had a field of nine. I have a pretty long streak of placing in the money, and was looking to do so again.

A run of good cards at the beginning put me in a nice position. However, I lost a race when someone went all in, and then had to go to short stack mode. I ended up heads up against Tom, a pretty good player. Tom is usually pretty aggressive, but actually stayed on the sidelines quite a bit until the late stages of the game. He had me about 3:1 on stack size, but that could be quickly overcome heads up.

In the first heads up hand, I was dealt 9-9. Tom made a big raise (which he would probably do no matter what he had), so I went all in. He called with A-Q. Blanks came on the flop and the turn. The river ... end of game. I guess you can't win every coin flip.


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