Friday, February 16, 2007

Just another piece of shit loss

Played in a Shark $10 buy in at Absolute Poker tonight. 66 entrants, top 9 get paid. There are about 20 people left and I need to chip up before the blinds get me. I am on the button with K-Q. Everyone folds, so I go all in to take the blinds. I did not anticipate getting called since both players could not afford to call me without decimating their stacks. The small blind thinks for some time, then calls -- with K-J. The big blind folds.

Pre-flop: 71% favorite
Flop: rag-K-rag

Pre-turn: 84% favorite
Turn: rag

Pre-river: 93% favorite
River: J

Out of tournament instead of doubling up.

Ouch. The worst part was that I was up against one of the best Shark players. I swear, he caught every card he could for about an hour. To be good and lucky -- not fair.


Blogger MTC said...

I recommend Vicodin next time this happens (It dulls the pounding headache)

2:09 PM  

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