Monday, March 19, 2007

Back from the NCAA Tournament Games in Lexington, KY

It is always fun to do the springtime ritual and watch the first and second rounds of the best sporting event in the world (apologies to World Cup fans). A short recap of the first round games I saw:

I can't believe how terrible Stanford looked. They looked totally inept at doing anything with the ball. This game was a real time waster.

Texas A&M/Penn
I felt sorry for Penn. They were just out of their league against the Aggies.

Ohio State/Central Connecticut State
Props to CCSU for playing one hard, tough game. What they lacked in star power they made up for in effort. They had nothing to be ashamed about. They made Ohio State work for the victory.

Gosh - what a great game to watch. Back and forth action with both teams fighting until the end. It was a shame that someone had to lose. This game was the last of the day, and by far, the best.

It seems that the basketball trips have become less about the basketball and more about the trip experience itself. Therefore, with lots of Ohio State, Xavier, and Louisville fans looking for tickets, we sold our final session seats for a nice profit and watched the game at the local Hooters.

My bracket has Ohio State going all the way, but I sure don't feel the same way about Ohio State after watching them barely make it into the Sweet 16. However, the Big Ten did have a decent showing this year except that the hometown Illini couldn't score in the last several minutes and lost yet another game they should have won. Thank goodness the season is over.


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