Sunday, April 01, 2007

Chance #2 to go to the WSOP Main Event
Tonight was my second chance to win entry to the big show this summer. Unfortunately, winning was not in the cards for me.
The afternoon started with a Junior Stack Tournament. We got 6,000 chips with the buy in, re-buy, and "bonus" chip. Unfortunately, the blinds go up so fast in these charity events that it takes some doing to go far without taking big risks or getting excellent cards.
Actually, I was hot at the start and got a good chip stack before I went card dead while the blinds were rapidly rising. However, a few good plays and a lucksack play or two got me within spitting distance of the final table.
Since the tourmnament started 1/2 hour late and was in danger of running into the main event, the blind were increased even faster. They were at $40,000/$20,000 when I was in the big blind with $46,000 in chips. I got J-10 os, which was as good a hand as I had seen for several orbits. Unfortunately, someone else had A-rag, and I got no help on the flop, turn, or river. I went out in 11th place, after which they combined tables for the final table.
So ... 11th out of 243. At least I was in the money.
The main event was disappointing. I went out in about 120th place out of 308 runners. I lost half my stack when I called an all in pre-flop bet with K-K. My opponent had Q-Q and spiked a Queen on the flop. After that, I was just fighting to stay in. This tournament was a freebie, though. I had the entry fee waived for helping out as a Hold Em dealer at a charitable casino night last fall.
I did play a little ring table poker -- $1/2 blinds with a $10 limit on bets, capped at four raises unless heads up. I had a good hand and got up a bit, then decided to call it a night.
I guess I should feel okay about making some money in the Junior Stack and the ring game. The WSOP still is calling, however, and I have a few more chances to make it.


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