Friday, March 02, 2007

Update on Crappy Tournament Results

After having a good run in some online tournaments for about a week, I fizzled out on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday, I barely avoided the Gigli (first one out of a blogger tournament) at The Mookie on Full Tilt. I just can't seem to get a break on Full Tilt. I either get second-best-hand cards, have draws never hit, or get rivered when the chips are already sliding toward me. I do love my werewolf icon there, though, and will give the site some action with all the latest WSOP satellites offered.

On Thursday I played in a Shark buy-in at Absolute and CC's Bash at PokerStars. I was running about the same in each -- a few good hands surrounded by a chipstack that kept getting smaller and smaller. At CC's, I went all in with A-Q suited and was called by 8-8. It looked like I would be out until a Queen hit on the river. But wait -- the Queen also completed a four-flush for my opponent and knocked me out. We both thought I had won the hand. Ha.

I went out somewhere in the middle of the field in the Shark tournament. To tell the truth, I do not even remember how I went out. So much for my Thursday evening tourneys ...


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I wish I could post some pics of Germany but unfortunately I didn't bring a camera and don't have one on my cell phone. I did make my German colleague take a few pics for me so I might post those when I get them.

Thanks for leaving me a note and adding me to your blogroll. I'll do the same.

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