Saturday, April 14, 2007

Got second place in the weekly CardsChat tourney at Bodog. I have cashed in this pretty regularly as it pays out several places and usually has a small field. Kenzie, a well-respected player, took it down. The following conversation took place in the chat boards afterwards:

Me: "Fun game, eveyone. Tough going up against Kenzie at the end when he had the mega-stack. Congrats, Kenzie."

Kenzie: "Thanks guys, Lightning I have no interest at all in going against you without a very big stack advantage."

Gee - that was a nice complement. That is one reason why I enjoy the CardsChat tournaments so much -- great level of play and a high level of sportsmanship.

Did not do well in freeroll competition today. Finished back in the pack in the Forum Challenge at Absolute Poker. Played the first event in the Rounders Radio/Bodog WSOP tourneys. Unfortunately, I came in 31st. Points were given through 20 places.


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