Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good effort in MATH, but short when it counted
Interesting day. It was a monster busy day at work. In one two-hour span while I was at lunch and busy handling the crowd, I got 12 phone messages. It was one of those days where you just put your head down and work your ass off all day.
After work, I got home just in time to change for softball practice. About 30 minutes into batting practice, my buddy Dave rips one back straight at me. I am the pitcher for my team, and when the ball comes flying at you, you don't have much time to react. I got my glove up to protect myself, but the ball nailed my little finger in the glove hand. Hurt like hell.
I left practice early to do some grocery shopping, then just barely got home in time for the MATH. I started strong, made a tough call (I sensed weakness and took a chance on a draw), then hit some tremendous hands. It's funny, but I had some excellent draws that I missed tonight (about 18 outs each). Near the end, everything just seemed to go in the crapper. Unfortunately, I dicked away my chips and had to settle for 4th place.
But ha - the day is not over yet. It is garbage night, and I still need to get stuff out -- not to mention somehow hauling out some heavy shit with a large, purplish finger. It hurts like hell and is hopefully not broken. I missed the last six weeks of the fall season with a cracked rib. This would be a wonderful way to start the spring season.
Makes me wonder if I am getting too old for this softball crap. At least in poker I only seem to get my pride wounded on occasion.
Time to ice down the finger. What a way to start the week.


Blogger Schaubs said...

Is it too late to join the BPt or how does it work?

I thought I mentioned it in my post, but I did actually win a $75 token, so I am trying to figure out if I should play in the Big Game or get some excercise and play in my schedule soccer game. Since I got in for $14 I might just play anyway and change up my strategy, and get Lola to play for me for about an hour (shhhhh).

11:57 AM  
Blogger KajaPoker said...

Good job in the MATH. Too bad they chopped right after you were knocked out.

12:40 PM  
Blogger MTC said...

Light, anyone knows that left field is the place to be in softball. You catch pops, field singles and drink beer. Get the hell out of there before you get killed. Hey I was surfing around the other night and ran across that Hoy game from a different night on someone elses blog. Is that a league or can anyone play? Give me some details.

3:59 PM  

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