Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sometimes things just seem real easy. I decided to play some Full Tilt token SNG's and did pretty well. First, I played an 18-person $8+$0.70 SNG (top five get a $24+$2 token), and battled into the money. Then, I used the $24+$2 token to play in an 18-person SNG where the top five got a $69+$6 token. It was interesting in that the play at the Tier One token SNG was actually a little better than the Tier Two game. Not that everyone was playing poorly, but a few people made some very questionable calls (calling an all in with A-6 suited???) without having their backs against the wall. Anyway ... a $75 token for $8.70? I'll take it!
Rounders Radio & Bodog WSOP Tournament
Today was the second freeroll and third game of the Rounders Radio RSOP (Radio Series of Poker). I crashed and burned in the previous two tournaments and was determined to make a better showing in this one.
There were about 215 runners with the top twenty scoring points toward entry into a final tournament with a WSOP seat at stake. I was cruising along toward the second break when I was in a hand with A-10 spades. The flop came 10-K-10. I checked, and the preflop raiser raised 400. The raise chased out one or two other people. I smooth called, hoping that he had a King or a ten with a lower kicker. The turn was a nine, and I checked again. The other player raised 400 again, and I went all in for about an additional 1,300. He called and turned over K-Q. The turn: a King!
I went bananas. The obscenities flew out of my mouth as I was stunned to have set the perfect trap, then lost on the river. I didn't berate the player, though, but did type in the chat box, "gawd, that really sucked." To the player's credit, he did realize that he lucked out and did offer a "sorry." Nevertheless, I was knocked out instead of doubling up, and left that tournament with a bad taste in my mouth.
The Week that Was ... Really Sucked
My wife had found what she thought was the perfect house for our family. Early in the week we made an offer and were waiting for the counter-offer. I fully expected that we would go back and forth in negotiations and that we would buy the house somewhere in the middle. Heck, I was even prepared to spend a little more than I would have liked so that we had a home that would seem to give a little something to everyone in the family.
Without getting into the slimy details, we were really screwed over by a real estate agent who made sure he pissed us off, then sold the house to someone with whom he had connections. Just wait, asshole -- karma will come back at you, you douche bag.
April is one of my busiest months at work, and I will be glad to see May come and bring some sanity back to my work life. I have not had the time to post much or even play as much as I would have liked, but I hope that will soon change.
Softball Update
With screwed-up little finger on my glove hand, I took the mound for game two of my softball season. As luck would have it, some guy hits a shot right back at me in the second inning and caught my pitching arm. Geez -- am I a magnet for punishment or what? I guess the old reflexes just can't get to the ball fast enough anymore. I survived the big knot on my arm and got the victory in seven innings. The team we beat was last season's champion, and we had never beat them before. Amazingly, I also got hits my first two times up even though I couldn't hold the bat right due to my messed-up finger. Sometimes the softball gods even things up for you, I guess ...


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