Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bad 24 hours of poker
Sometimes this game of poker just depresses you. The following are my lowlights from the past 24 hours or so:
1) Monthly home game - I failed to cash for the first time in ... it has been so long that I don't even remember. Only two highlights of the night: I said "next hand I get pocket Kings." Sure enough - there they were. After I won the hand, someone said, "I'd die if he had Kings." I showed, but everyone is still living. And ... I had pocket Jacks and raised. I was re-raised by a notorious bluffer and called. The flop came J-rag-3. I checked, he went all in, and I called. He had pocket threes and was shocked to see that I beat him top set over bottom set.
2) Online Poker Tour 2006 Free Tour Final - Only one prize - a $5,000 buy-in to a WSOP or circuit event. There were 51 runners and I finished 15th. Made one bonehead play that cost me and ran into pocket Queens at the wrong time.
3) Rounders Radio Bodog WSOP qualifier. Again went out in about 15th place when I needed to finish top five for points. The WSOP is slipping away.
4) $1/2 NL table. I get pocket Queens and raise to $9. Player who seems to be an idiot goes all in for about $80. One other player and I call. The flop comes Jack-rag-rag. I am all in and get called. The idiot player went all in with 4-4. Unfortunately, the other player who called had K-K and then hit a King on the river just to rub it in. Amazing how fast a buy-in can go sometimes.
Sunday is the OPT Money Tour Final with a WSOP main event buy-in on the line. Gee - that would be nice ...
Sunday night is The Big Game - a blogger event with a $75 buy in. Don't know if I will play in it or not.


Blogger MTC said...

Sorry about our Free Tour results. Good luck in the Money Tour Final. Funny that you made a post in the forum about not donking each other, you knew it would happen to me (lol) Give them hell, I will check in tomorrow night to see who won.

12:58 AM  

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