Thursday, May 31, 2007

Week's summary heading into the weekend
Thursday brought two cashes out of three tournaments. I got third in the K9 Money Tour event and 6th in the Shark Home Game at Absolute.
The K9 tournament was very challenging since the blinds seemed to increase so quickly. However, I got a decent sized stack at the right time and cruised into the final table. As luck would have it, Shaggy suddenly became a card rack. My final hand: Snowmen in my pocket. I raised and Shaggy called. The only over card was a 9, so I went all in. It turns out the Shaggy was playing A-9os. He hit another 9 just to make it hurt a little more - ha ha!
In the Shark event, I took a brutal beat about halfway through. I had K-10spades and saw a flop of diamond-K-diamond. I checked and was raised by the only other guy in the hand. I went all in and he called off all his chips on a flush draw. You guessed it -- the river was a diamond. Instead of having a huge lead (I was in first, second, or third at the time), I dropped down several places. However, my stack was big enough to take the hit and still keep me in. I eventually went out in 6th place.
The week's blogger tournaments: Bad week. Middle of the pack finishes in each one. Ran into big hands at the wrong time.
Cash tables: Good week at Bodog. Set mining netted me several buy-ins, but I lost a buy in when someone called my raise (pocket Kings) with J-9os!! He paired his Jack on the flop, and called my big raise on the flop and my big raise on the turn. Of course, the river was a 9, and he got my buy-in. I guess that is just the price of playing at the $1/2 NL table on Bodog.
Coming up: Two chances to win a seat at the WSOP Main Event on Sunday -- through the 2006 OPT Money Tour Final (postponed from two weeks ago due to technical problems at and through the World Series of Online Forums (WSOOF) at PokerStars. I was given a free seat in the final event due to my being a previous Online Forum Challenge event winner. Wish me luck!


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