Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jury Duty - Part I
I began a week of jury duty on Monday. I had been summoned two previous times in my life, but never actually was on a jury. After living in town for 13 years, I was somehow "discovered" and got my notice last year.

Day 1 : Report at 9:15 am. We see an instructional DVD and find out that one jury is being selected that day. I am not among the jurors to be interviewed and am dismissed for the day at 10:45 am. Rough day.

Day 2: Report at 9:30 am. I am delighted to see that a woman brought her laptop with a wireless connection and is playing Omaha H/L (for play money) on PokerStars. The guy sitting next to her is a poker player, so I feel a little more at home. We are told that a jury will be selected today, but since we are late in the morning, we will break for lunch early. What a tough life!

The jury selection began after lunch. A group of twelve were called to the jury box, and the first four were accepted by both sides. Two of the second four were excused, and I was called to replace one of them.

I was asked about previous jury duty. I served twice, but never was on a jury. One of the prosecuters asked me several questions, and I was sure I'd be excused. Much to my surprise, both sides accepted me.

The trial has to do with a residential burglary and involves guns and possibly drugs. Being pretty much an innocent guy most of my life, my time in a courtroom has been extremely limited. Tomorrow should be interesting.


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