Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Made final table of the Mookie, but bowed out first
Tonight felt like it would be the night. I was getting some cards and building up the stack when ... I got the dreaded pocket rockets. Irongirl01 raised, I reraised, she went all in, and I called. A classic: A-A vs K-K. As luck would have it, she spiked a K and left me with only a few hundred points. Somehow I was able to fight back (as I wrote in chat -- lightning36: small stack specialist) and got to the final table. I did not want to see the fold equity go too far, and I went all in with A-6 of spades, counting on everyone folding. Alas, the dreaded pocket kings took care of me for a final time and put me out in 9th place. Disappointing to be the first out at the final table, but I'd rather go out like I did and not see my stack go down to nothing slowly.


Blogger Unknown said...

SOmetimes being crippled ealry forces you to abandon the wil insanity that is normal for our play and replaces it with sanity.


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